Kerry Park


View from Kerry Park at Sunset

This is the view. This is THE view when it comes to Seattle photo opportunities.

All those pictures of Seattle that you’ve seen that make you think the Space Needle is nestled right up against Downtown? All those pictures with Mt Rainier looking down at Seattle like the good little angel sitting on the shoulder of the city, advising us in our political correctness and politesse?

They’re all taken from this nice little spot of green on the top of Queen Anne Hill.


Daytime view

If you’re visiting Seattle you should probably put this little park in your itinerary.  No. If you’re visiting Seattle, you NEED to put this little park in your itinerary. Whether you’re in town for 24 hours or a week, you’re not going to regret stopping by, taking in the vista and gazing out at Elliott Bay as the ferries come and go.

If it’s summer, make sure you have a little cash in your pocket – there’s sure to be competing little salespeople, looking to sell you a cup of fresh lemonade. They might even have homemade cookies!

If you have your own kids in tow, there’s a great little playground at the bottom of some stairs to the west of the park.  Sure, they can play for a bit on Doris Chase’s steel sculpture “Changing Form” that looks out at the viewpoint, but wouldn’t a slide and some swings be better? Hopefully they’ll get a little energy out and be able to behave for a few minutes as you try and wrangle them. Try to convince or bribe them to stay still for just a moment, to take their picture with that cityscape and Mt Rainier in the background. All so you can undeniably prove to your friends, family, Facebook and Twitter followers that you had a perfect Seattle vacation.


A couple of fine gents strolling down Highland Dr W

Maybe you’re like a majority of Seattle couples and you’re sans kids. If you’re looking for a short, romantic stroll – keep walking west on Highland Ave and meander through the little Parsons Gardens before taking a look out at the view of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound from Marshall Park.

On the walk back to your car, with your loved one’s hand in yours, you can look at all the mansions that line the street while you decide which one y’all would choose to live in. What it would be like to drink your morning coffee with that multi-million dollar view. Which ones are so atrociously designed and decorated that there’s not enough money they could pay you to live in them.

Whatever way you decide to spend your time on that little stretch of street – just do it. Enjoy your time, your view, and your quintessential Seattle photos. Make memories, frame them, place them prominently in your house and then discuss, often, either why you don’t live in a city as amazing as Seattle, or just how lucky you are that you do.

Kerry Park is open 24 hours a day. Located at 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle WA 98119.


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