The Gum Wall

Well, it exists.

I was able to make it 7.5 years living in this town, believing that as long as I didn’t visit it, it didn’t exist. But then I saw it. And it does exist. And it is gross.

I was walking around downtown a few days ago with some friends when we found ourselves near the Pike Place Market. One of my buddies I was with is a Seattle native, the other a new transplant, having only lived here for a few months. Both had been to the wall numerous times and both felt I was missing out on this little piece of Seattle Culture.

So there you go. I went. And I have no desire to ever go back. But maybe you do. And maybe you should bring some hand sanitizer or a hazmat suit because it’s gross. So. Gross. SO GROSS.

The Gum Wall is located at the Pike Place Market in Post Alley.


The Gum Wall in Post Alley

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